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Digital Marketing Strategy

Your organization deserves a digital marketing strategy that will get you real results in real time.  With Kosovo Addis, you are guaranteed a strategy that is creative, fact-based, and designed specifically to appeal to your target market.  We understand that you need to put your money where it counts, so we make it our job to ensure you a positive return on your investment. 




Here at Kosovo Addis, we have a wide variety of clients, but all are dedicated to making the world a better place.  Whether they’re fighting cancer or feeding the hungry, their missions become ours. We’re proud to be able to provide all our clients with the highest quality of service.



Video and Microsites

Kosovo Addis can give new life to your website with videos and microsites.  Videos give your page an interactive, exciting quality for the visitor, bringing your work to life.  And, with the microsites that we’ll develop for you, your events and programs will be given the opportunity to stand out.



Social Media

It’s time to spread the word – your word.  Kosovo Addis can help get your message out there, through a wide variety of social media outlets. From Facebook to Twitter to much more, we’ll evaluate your social media presence and draft new, exciting content that will grab attention and produce results.




We are here to provide you with specialized development of your website and email campaigns, as well as Search Engine Optimization through a wide variety of platforms. We can help you develop new microsites, exciting campaigns and social media content. The online world changes rapidly, and we’ll make sure you never get left behind.



Copy and Content

We make it our job to ensure that your unique voice is heard – and that it produces real results. After all, your organization is one-of-a-kind, so shouldn’t your messaging be too? Whether with emails, one-pagers, social media, flyers, banners, websites, slides or blogs, Kosovo Addis will provide you with personalized content to meet your specific needs.




It’s time to give your ideas and accomplishments the fresh new look that they deserve, which is why Kosovo Addis is here to offer you the latest in design. Whether in the form of branding, banner ads, logos, PowerPoint’s, web design or slides, we can breathe new life into your organization’s image.




Kosovo Addis offers a wide range of services, including Digital Fundraising Analysis, Google Grant Optimization, email analysis, and Search Engine Optimization. Make the decision to find out how your organization is doing today – and what you can do to take it to the next level tomorrow.